Friday, 1 August 2014

my current favourite blogs.

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Today I thought I would share the blogger love and feature some of my favourite blogs and bloggers. These blogs are ones I read on a daily basis and the bloggers are massive inspirations to me. They inspire me to work hard and to really enjoy what I'm doing, and I'm really happy I've engaged with a lot of them via the beauty blogger community!

Kayleigh's blog was the one that inspired me to start blogging. I was searching for reviews on the internet about hair extensions and stumbled across Couture Girl and was instantly sucked in. Her photography is amazing and I particularly love the diversity of her posts. Not to mention she's bloody gorgeous! You can tell Kayleigh is a really hard worker and really loves what she does.

Em has the most amazing photography. I have particularly loved reading her holiday posts this year as she has been to some gorgeous places and has made me super excited for my holidays! Her fitness posts are also a great inspiration and I really enjoy learning her fitness tips and tricks and applying them to my work outs.

If you're in need of a review Gemma is your girl! She has reviewed almost every product under the sun and is always super honest and has gorgeous photography. Gemma is also someone who is very happy to help out with anything she can :) she puts hours into her blog and it really, really shows.

I love Michelle's blog!! I have followed her on Instagram and Twitter for a while and am always super impressed with her photography and her posts. She also covers so many topics and has something for everyone - every time you log on you're sure to see something new and exciting. She also creates the prettiest make-up looks!

This girl has the most incredible fashion sense and hair. I have serious hair envy when looking at her posts, she really is stunning! And she also has the cutest dogs in the world. Seriously, if you're a dog lover I urge you to give her a follow. I love her blog is it covers a range of things, from make-up to OOTD posts, and she's also a really lovely person too.

Kirstie has such innovative and amazing ideas for her blog - from Disney posts to product reviews, she covers them all. I adore reading her "Dress Like Disney" posts and think it's such a fab and unique idea, and I love her wishlists and reviews. Kirstie works incredibly hard on her blog and it certainly pays off. It really is wonderful.

I love so many more blogs. In fact, there are too many to mention! And 
I have met a lot of lovely people via the blogging community. These are 
just the favourites that I can't spend a day without checking out :)

Lots of love, 
Jessie. xoxo

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  1. Jesssssssssie! Thank you soooo much! That's such a lovely thing to say - you're such a sweetheart xxxx

  2. Love Kayleigh from Couture Girl. xx


  3. Michelle is amazing :)
    You are welcome to visit my blog --

  4. Great post hun! I love finding new blogs to follow. So far I only follow Kayleigh's blog and it is definitely one of my top beauty blogs for sure. :)

    Felicity xx