Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The #bloggersfestival and My Weekend in London.

I’m currently sat on a seven hour coach journey home from what can only be described as an incredible weekend. For those of you who didn’t know, I headed off to London this weekend to go to the #bloggersfestival, but with that came a weekend of shopping, sight-seeing, exploring and finding out exactly what London had to offer.

I’ve never properly been to London before; I’ve been once with school to see a play we were studying at the time (“An Inspector Calls” which was surprisingly very good) and I also came with my family when I was younger and we headed out to the London Eye and to watch Grease in the West End. However, since getting older and realising just how much of an amazing city London is I felt like there was so much I hadn’t experienced and so much I wanted to do so was absolutely thrilled when Scarlett London invited me to the #bloggersfestival and my mum suggested we get a coach trip and make a weekend of it!

The coach journey was long and tiring. After a 5am start we made it to London at 2pm so had enough time to freshen up, dump our bags in our hotel in South Kensington and change before heading out into the city centre. I was so nervous about using the tubes but I think I mastered them quite quickly and in no time my mum and I were whizzing off to Piccadilly Circus.
We had enough time to go into a few of the shops there (I seriously fell in love) before having a quick bite to eat and heading off to see Billy Elliot in Victoria Palace Theatre. What an absolutely brilliant show! We were so impressed by it as it wasn’t one that we were that inclined to see but had been told by friends and family members that it was a must-see musical. The singing, actors, chorus and staging was amazing and it adapted the film perfectly into a musical setting. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and would definitely go again.
The next day was a very busy day for me. I got dressed up in my new dress from The Sting, River Island heeled boots and statement necklace before heading off to Oxford Street for a spot of shopping. I was honestly in awe of how big everything was. In the town where I live we only got a Topshop about four years ago and it’s about the size of a 20 metre swimming pool, so imagine my amazement when we walked in to find floors and floors of clothes, beauty products and shoes as well as cake counters, a hair salon and even a restaurant!!

I picked up some really nice clothing items from the high street stores and we also went to Selfridges where I finally lost my Bobbi Brown virginity (more about that coming in a London haul post this week!) Alas, my shopping time was cut short as it was time to hop on the tube and head off to the #bloggersfestival. It was held on the 31st floor of the Paramount building in a cool room with an outstanding view of the city. There were amazing brands at the event such as Lee Stafford hair, Very.co.uk, Urban Outfitters, Cloud Nine Hair and Quiz to name a few. 

We got to see a lot of the new Christmas collections which was really exciting! I particularly loved Very.co.uk's pretty, sparkly features! There were also so many cool bloggers, everyone was so nice and everyone had dressed to impress and looked amazing! We were also super lucky to get some amazing goodies and I can’t wait to get home and sort through them out and share them all with you guys!

After #bloggersfestival my mam and I met my uncle Wayne who was working in London and he showed us around the sights. We were out until midnight exploring everywhere from Harrods to China Town, then on to Downing Street, Big Ben, Westminster, the London Eye and finally Buckingham Palace, as well as having some yummy food in Bella Italia, before heading back to the hotel and hitting the hay straight away.
Finally on the last day we set off to Covent Garden for a look around. It was so pretty there and had amazing stalls and little shops that were like my dream. I particularly loved the shabby chic style stalls and shops (such as Sass and Belle) with amazing home items; I picked up a few pretty, pink things to decorate my university bedroom! 
There were also gorgeous soap and skincare shops and we were treated to a hand massage at L'Occitane which is so relaxing and smelled gorgeous!

My mam and I had a few hours to spare before heading home so we went to Leicester Square and China Town once more, nosied around the M&M shop (is there really need for a four-floored shop of M&Ms?!) Then headed to Soho before grabbing some lunch and catching the bus home.

London seriously amazed me. What an incredible city with so many interesting people and places. If only we were staying longer to head to some more shops and see the sights in the day time!

I can’t wait for my next city break now. I’m thinking Paris or New York! ;)
Have you headed to London? What is your favourite thing to do there?
Lots of love,
Jessie. xoxo


  1. Seems like you had an amazing time, so jealous of your pictures!

    Lovely blog <3

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  2. Makes me very proud of little London when people love my home city as much as I do! Covent Garden and Southbank are my two favourite places. Glad you had a good time :) xxx


    1. It was amazing! I would love to live there but I think I would miss Wales too much!! Thank you Alex :) xx

  3. Glad you had a great time! Lovely post with great pictures :)

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  4. Glad you had a nice time, it looks great. Love your dress too, so pretty!

    Annabel ♥
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  5. You looked so gorgeous Jessie, your dress is lovely. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend xxx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

  6. Lovely photos! Love your outfits, especially the last one!


  7. Love all these photos and you look gorgeous too!!!!!!! :)

    Layla xx