Sunday, 9 November 2014

NOTD: midnight sparkle.

With Halloween and Bonfire Night just gone and the festive season fast approaching there are no excuses to not get glammed up and add a little sparkle to your day! And what better way than to paint your nails in a shimmering, sparkly design?!

I bought these two polishes from Barry M last week to paint my nails ready for Halloween. I wanted to go for something dark and mysterious so chose Barry M's "Black" but could not resist this gorgeous "Atlantis" glittery polish from the Aquarium range.

In my opinion, they work together brilliantly and create a really girly, glittery look which works with all outfits. It's the perfect party piece! I would say, however, that the polish isn't very long wearing and after just two days it was completely chipped and I had to remove it and repaint. However, it's so pretty that I didn't mind and as the polishes are so cheap I wasn't expecting amazing results. You could try preventing this with a top coat, but it still has the same effect. That's the only downside.

All in all though these make the perfect nails to show off whilst drinking those cocktails and putting your hands up on the dance floor. 

What do you think?
Lots of love, 
Jessie. xoxo
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  1. It's a shame that these aren't very long wearing, Atlantis is gorgeous! In fact, I might actually go and pick this one up myself!
    sammy xx

    1. It is :( you have to keep reapplying.. Defos get it though, it's so pretty! xx

  2. Oh they look gorgeous. Definitely good for a night out.

  3. This is an incredible nail colour.

  4. the glitter polish is gorgeous!

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  5. This looks incredible :)