Tuesday, 9 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject2014 - UPDATE and River Island OOTD.

Sadly I have had to pass up on the last 2 days of #TheBigBlogmasProject2014 as university deadlines have once again take over my life. I'm still going to try and keep up to date here and there, although I will have to pass on some tasks. Seriously, when people say third year at university is hard BE PREPARED because it really is :'( 

I'm so excited though as in just two days I'll be driving home for the Christmas holidays and will be home for six glorious weeks!! I can't wait to see my boyfriend nearly everyday and spend time with my family and to be reunited with all the girls from school who are away in university! Christmas is such a brilliant time of year! 
Dress - River Island | Bag {last season} - River Island | Heels - River Island

I started the Christmas festivities early and headed out on the weekend to celebrate one of my friend's from work's birthdays in our local town. I was unsure what to wear as it was so cold but in the end I glammed up and my new gorgeous, red beauties graced the dance floor for the first time. I teamed it with a bright printed dress and a matching red hand-bag and bright red lip. 

It was a really good night and got me really excited for nights out over Christmas with my friends and family. Let the festivities begin!!

Lots of love, 
Jessie. xoxo

I'm just 10 away from my next Bloglovin' milestone, please help me out! :) 


  1. Gorgeous outfit, those shoes are killer! I like how you've coordinated your outfit all so nicely. x


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    1. Thank you :) was great to finally find these red heels. I've wanted some for forever xx

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    1. Are you in third year too hun? Thank you! xx

  4. Your shoes are amazing. KBxx

  5. You look amazing and those LEGS! My boyfriend is in his third year of university at the moment - we met in first year but unfortunately I was diagnosed with an incurable illness the same year and am still on medical leave - so I know how stressful it is and really feel for you, good luck! Glad you had such a fun night out, you looked gorgeous :)

    Meg at Meg Says

    1. Thank you so much :) oh I'm sorry to hear that. Will you be able to go back to uni? It's such a pain at the moment, I just can't wait for Christmas break haha. Thank you very much lovely xx

  6. Gorgeous outift!
    Emma xo | Missemmalouise12.blogspot.ie