Sunday, 23 August 2015

My Favourite Instagram Accounts.

Who else is absolutely obsessed with Instagram? It's definitely my favourite app, and I am constantly looking for pretty scenes to post onto my account (which is @jessieann48, FYI, and you should totes be following me if you're not already). I think naturally us bloggers love a good Instagram account, filled with pretty photos, makeup products, sunsets and white backgrounds, but a few have been really standing out for me lately. If you're not following these already, I suggest you do - they really are a bloggers' dream!

Not only is Sophie absolutely beeeautiful, she has a pretty gorgeous Instagram account too. This girl has a makeup collection to die for and I am always lusting after products when stalking her IG account. Her pictures are all so girly and pretty, and she also has a really cute dog, so perfect for any dog lovers out there!

If you ever need outfit inspo, then Sarah is your girl. Seriously, the things I would do to get my hands on this girl's wardrobe! She always looks incredible and has really inspired me to experiment with my style. As well as her gorgeous sense of style, I absolutely love her travel photos, especially the ones of her time in Santorini.

Hayley is one of my favourite beauty bloggers and boy does she know how to make any makeup product look pretty! In my opinion, she is the 'Flat Lay Queen' and, featuring makeup products that range from high end beauties to drug store gems, her photos always make me add several products to my never ending beauty wish list. 

I've always loved Angela's lifestyle blog because of its pretty photos and diverse posts, and her IG feed is stunning too, with colourful photographs, pretty pastels and yummy food. It's like a blogger's dream! Angela has recently been travelling in Europe too and her photos have made me add lots of different country's to my travel bucket list. Her photos of Greece and Paris are particularly stunning!

If you're looking for pretty pinks, white backgrounds, gorgeous homeware and a cute little Dachshund then Becky's account is the one for you. Her photographs all look as if they've been featured in a glossy magazine as they are seriously gorgeous. I'm also quite in love with her house, it's beautiful!

Another style crush of mine is Yasmine Chanel. She has seriously amazing style and her look books are always shot in such gorgeous locations. She also has some really pretty lifestyle shots too, with lots of yummy cocktails and beautiful pictures of London town.

Are there any IG accounts I need to follow?
Lots of love, 
Jessie. xoxo


  1. thank you for this post, i love finding beautiful instagram feeds and these are added to the list! x

  2. I am so addicted to Instagram, thanks for the great tips!

  3. Thanks for sharing, love finding new accounts to follow!

  4. Love this! I could spend hours on instagram :)

  5. Some of these I'm already following but some I'm not so I'll take a look! Thanks for sharing! I love new Instagram inspo!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  6. I love your instagram! I want to follow more people on my blog account (#Diva) so I'll definitely check the girls above out xx

    1. Oh thank you Vicky! :D that's made my day! xx

  7. Will definitely check them out, thanks for posting this up!


  8. I didn't realize I wasn't following you, *clicks follow* haha :) great post x

  9. Great post! I love finding new Instagram accounts! they always inspire me so much! :) xx