Sunday, 10 July 2016

Insta Style #16 | Strawberry Swirl.

I'm keeping it short and sweet with an Insta Style post today, guys, for a number of reasons. The first is that as I'm writing this I'm almost falling asleep. The second is that at the time of posting I'm currently on holiday in Bulgaria, but wanted to write a little post for y'all anyway. And the third is that I haven't written up an Insta Style post in a while, and I just bloody love this outfit!

Top - Miss Selfridge | Jeans - Miss Selfridge | Shoes - River Island (last year)

Firstly, who else is absolutely loving bardot tops at the moment? They're all the rage currently and I can definitely see why. Cute and girly, and adding a little glamour to an outfit by showing off the shoulders; I can't get enough of them! This one is a particular favourite due to its gorgeous floral design and bright, eye-catching colouring. I bought it as part of my uniform (the perks of working in retail, eh?!) and have even whisked it away on holiday with me ready to wear as part of a completely different outfit. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for outfit posts from my holiday next week!

I wasn't really sure what colour to go for when planning this outfit. Denim just didn't suit. Black would be too dark. And white? Well, that's always a little dangerous isn't it? Nevertheless, I went ahead with my white skinnies and absolutely loved the whole look. I rarely wear white skinnies and am usually donned in black, but will definitely be picking them up a lot more over the summer. There really is no better time to wear them!

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What do you think of this outfit?
Lots of love, 
Jessie. xoxo


  1. I love your top! I agree that white skinnies are just right for it.

    Rachael at

  2. That top is gorgeous! I am loving off the shoulder tops so much atm!

    Eb x

  3. I love this! That top is fantastic. And I love the fact that you went for white pants. They look fab!

    1. Thank you! : ) It's a new favourite xx

  4. Fabulous outfit love!! You look amazing!! :)

  5. Your holiday pictures look stunning - I've always wanted to visit Bulgaria and would definitely love to go now! Your holiday outfits are fab too! :)

    Hayley xo