Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Review | Lord & Berry Seta Eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow is my vice. I wear it pretty much daily and always love experimenting with different looks and shades, teaming together contrasting colours to create pretty smoky eyes and dramatic evening looks. In fact, I feel pretty much naked without some shadow plastered onto my lids, so when Lord & Berry sent out four of their Seta Eyeshadows for me tor review it’s safe to say I was pretty excited.
I definitely have more palettes than I do single shadow pots, so it was really nice to receive four different shades from which I could create a range of different looks. Plus, with all the travelling I’m doing lately between home and London it’s so much easier, lighter and travel friendly to pop one of these into my makeup bag instead of lugging a palette around. I really love the size and the simple packaging. They’re nice and light, though I do wonder how sturdy the packaging is if you were to drop it, for example.

From left to right the shadows are Espionage, a gorgeous rich brown that is my personal favourite and one that I’ve been wearing almost daily; Eden, which looks more yellow in the pot but swatches as a hazy green, almost khaki shade; Jungle Party, a really deep, dark emerald green that is perfect for smoking up the eyes at Christmas time; and Cobalt, which is a bright and bold royal blue.

The shadows are nicely pigmented and are definitely buildable, which I think is ideal considering how bright they are. It means those who are just starting to experiment with brighter shades can add a subtle hint of colour, and those who want to give it their all can pack on more product to achieve the desired result.

I do find it can be quite hard to get a completely even finish due to the fact you need to build product in order to achieve the desired pigmentation. However, they have quite a matte finish, which is again something I really like in a shadow and it means the shadows suit both bolder and subtler eyeshadow looks.
In terms of durability, the products are really impressive. Due to their matte finish there is no fly away powder, and the light consistency means they stay put all day. I haven’t experienced any cakeiness (is that a word?!) or any of the product gathering in the folds of the eyelids or at the tear duct, and that’s after a full day in work and a sweaty gym sesh afterwards!

I have to say I really do like these little shadows. I wouldn’t say they’re on my lust list – I do still prefer my higher end alternatives – but for a quick, basic shade to wear everyday they’re rather impressive. They do retail at £12 which I personally feel is a little steep, but they're sure to last and there's such a fantastic range of colours you'll definitely find a shade that suits.

Lord & Berry isn’t a brand I’ve heard much about, but I’m really eager to try more having sampled these shadows. What do you think I should try next?

Lots of love. xoxo


  1. Oooh this look so pretty, Eden really is a beaut! You've made me realise my stash is lacking single pots, I must sort that out haha ;D!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Haha you definitely need to change that! xx