Saturday, 10 December 2016

16 things every small town gal does in London.

It’s come to my attention that I’ve almost been living in London for the best part of three months, which is pretty crazy to say the least. I feel like I’m finally starting to get used to it all now, but I definitely feel like a fish out of water some, okay most, of the time. So today I thought I’d share some small town gal’s thoughts on the big city, to see if anyone can relate…                                       
1. Rolling your eyes deep into the back of your skull when someone complains that they missed the train, or even worse watching somebody risking life and limb to make it through the closing tube doors. The next train is in one minute, ONE MINUTE. We have one train out of the town every hour, and that’s if it even bothers to show up.

2. Feeling cool AF walking to work with your Pret paper bag that’s filled with porridge and healthy green juices. Even more so considering the nearest Pret to your hometown is a good hour’s drive away. (Lol, honestly I’d never even been to Pret until earlier this year.)

3.  The sheer joy of walking past someone and hearing they have the same accent as you.

4.  Being flabbergasted at people who engage in any type of strenuous activity on a Sunday, particularly at the fact that shops stay open until at least 6 o’ clock. Sundays are for lie-ins, long walks, and eating lots of food. Social gatherings on a Sunday are unheard of at home – mainly because everyone’s nursing a hangover from going to the local the night before.

5. Taking several hundred pictures of pretty buildings, streets and houses a day. So important for getting that Insta-feed on point.

6. Secretly yearning for a small little café that provides a simple jacket potato, or egg and chips, with those bright red bottles of cheap ketchup laid out on a wipeable tablecloth. All these fancy baguette and brunch cafés are so overrated.
7. Asking yourself, is there really need for five Zara stores on just one street? (Answer: yes there is.)

8. Looking around on the tube and getting confused as to why nobody is talking. Where’s the chitchat? The public transport banter? After a few days you give in and slowly, book in hand and headphones in ears, you become one of them.

9. Laughing when you hear a colleague or friend moaning about the crazy tourists, and mentally praying that they’ve never seen a certain selfie stick shot of you and your boyfriend taken outside a famous landmark. Oh, the shame.

10. Missing trees. And leaves. And grass. And cows. And sheep. And even missing the pong of cow shit being spread over the fields so that the grass grows quicker. Oh and definitely, missing pretty little countryside birds, as you watch two mangly pigeons squabbling over a mouldy piece of bread.

11. Absolutely loving the fact, however, that public transport pretty much runs 24/7. You can hop on a tube, or jump on a bus, at any time of day or night – even on a Sunday! This is made even better by the fact that wifi is pretty much available on every journey!! Considering you barely get 3G at home, this is a real treat.

12. Being introduced to delicacies like Lola’s Cupcakes and Ben’s Cookies and wondering how you ever survived before.
13. Realising the queen is technically your neighbour. Okay, she lives in a massive palace about 40 minutes away from your pokey flat. BUT STILL. She lives in the same city and that’s all that matters.

14. Despairing as you get caught up behind a family of snails, slowly strolling along Oxford Street, when you’re in a huge rush to get to work/dinner/your shopping spree. Why are there SO many people?! GET OUT OF MY FREAKING WAAAAY.

15. Thinking to yourself several times a day, "this place is absolutely crazy!"

16. But no matter how crazy London is, you always miss it as soon as your home.

Lots of love. xoxo


  1. I love Pret a Manger! I wish we had one nearer to where I live - I think the nearest one to me is probably about an hour away too x

  2. This was so fun to read, thanks for sharing! Being near Lola's cupcakes sounds so good!

    Carolyn x
    Stained Glass Stars

    1. Thank you! I had lots of fun writing it too :) xx

  3. Whilst I live in Birmingham & not London, I can relate to so many of theses! Especially missing grass haha! x


    1. Haha so silly isn't it but us country gals love seeing green grass!! xx

  4. What a cute post! Taking a ton of pictures is definitely a must :)

  5. Loved this little list! The train one made me laugh, I hate that no one talks and makes eye contact! I want to try Lola's cupcakes, need me some!


  6. Haha this post is brilliant! Living in North Yorkshire and having only ever lived in a city (Newcastle - which isn't quite the same as London!) when I went to uni, I can definitely relate!! I completely understand not getting when people are always rushing to get tubes when there are SO many of them - one place I lived only had a bus once a week :D I sometimes wish we had those quirky cute eateries on every street corner like they do in London, but I'd miss our little area of Yorkshire if I lived there I think :)
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    1. Thanks so much Sian! Haha I can totally relate - the city life is so different!! I really miss Wales and all its cuteness now I'm in London pretty much full time. xx

  7. as someome who's grown up here, this did make me giggle :D Hope you love London as much as I do still!

    1. Thank you Georgina! I really do love it :) xx

  8. I lived in London for a year but I can definitely relate to most of these! Great read x